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    Decoration trends and styles of 2020: a complete guide

    The decoration trends work for longer or shorter cycles: some decorating styles appear one year and then disappear the next year or remain relevant for some time. What is certain is that one day or another, yesterday's decoration styles will become tomorrow's must-haves. If you lack decorative inspiration for your interior, our decorative advice is there to help you: design, colors, interior decorative atmospheres ... Find the style that suits you!

  • Minimalist decoration in the home
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    Minimalist Decoration: Definitive Guide (2019)

    The minimalist decoration is a style characterized by the intention to simplify as much as possible (less is more), get rid of all the superfluous elements and reduce the decoration to the essentials. And we love the idea! Do you? The minimalism is a movement that went from art to design and interior decoration in the 1920s, but which today is still considered one of the most innovative styles. If you want to embrace the minimalist style, but you don’t know where to start, then I show you their main ideas, so you can apply them in your home. What is minimalist style decoration: Less is more The minimalist decoration…

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    Sweet, feminine, luminous, personal, delicate, romantic, vintage … With these qualifiers, who resists the shabby chic style? Discover your keys and be captivated WORN OUT FINISH Shabby chic literally means worn and sophisticated, hence the classic pieces with obvious marks of time are an icon of this style. The table, with an aged finish, is Velafusta. The dresser is an old piece painted in white by the owner of the studio Meles Must. ROMANTIC ATMOSPHERE One of the clear differences of this style with vintage is the romantic and feminine halo of the shabby chic decorations. Soft colors, floral motifs, bouquets, furniture with rounded lines … The wallpaper in this…

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    Shabby Chic Decoration Style

    Inspired by the country houses of Great Britain, the Shabby chic style is characterized by pastel tones, flowers and the recovery of ancient elements Choosing the Shabby Chic style for your home is to bet on elegance, warmth, and femininity. Of course with a touch of the past as if it were a beautiful heritage. Because shabby means ‘worn by the passage of time’. And this trend is committed to giving those old elements a more sophisticated and refined ambience, hence the word chic. If you like Farmhouse rustic style then check this post too: Barn Wood in Bathroom! Farmhouse Decor Style!! Origin of Shabby Chic This style of decoration…