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    +50 photos of small modern kitchens full of inspiration [2019]

    More and more people have to live in apartments and small houses. This is the most normal, especially if you want to live in the city. This has made all rooms in the house small, forcing interior designers and interior shops to look for new solutions for new needs. The kitchen decoration It isn’t an exception, therefore modern small kitchens They have gained popularity in recent years. Modern white kitchens: help gain amplitude and luminosity One of the most used colors in the decoration of modern small kitchensIt’s the target. White helps to achieve a very powerful visual effect: that the room seems larger. That’s why the White color is…

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    Wabi Sabi decoration: nature as inspiration

    If you still don’t know what is the Wabi-sabi decoration, discover this aesthetic, close to the Zen philosophy, that will fill your home with nature and balance. One of the decorative trends of 2019 is the Wabi Sabi. Close to Zen philosophy, it is inspired by nature to find beauty in the simple and imperfect. If you didn’t hear about it, we will explain it to you and tell you how to include it in your home. Wabi-sabi is much more than a trend, it is a way of life. And no, it’s not a typical condiment of Japanese cuisine, although its name is very similar. Little by little, and…