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    100 photos of Minimalist bathroom furniture

    Whether you have a philosophy of "less is more" or "less is a bore" towards decoration, the bathroom is a good place to take inspiration from minimalist designs. These include the simple lines, the monochrome outlines, and the lack of visual clutter that lead to a clean and calm environment, perfect for a long bath, a relaxing shower, or a less hectic morning routine.

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    Minimalist Decoration: Definitive Guide (2019)

    The minimalist decoration is a style characterized by the intention to simplify as much as possible (less is more), get rid of all the superfluous elements and reduce the decoration to the essentials. And we love the idea! Do you? The minimalism is a movement that went from art to design and interior decoration in the 1920s, but which today is still considered one of the most innovative styles. If you want to embrace the minimalist style, but you don’t know where to start, then I show you their main ideas, so you can apply them in your home. What is minimalist style decoration: Less is more The minimalist decoration…