• Kitchen open to the living room
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    Kitchen open to the living room, pros and cons

    It is known as American kitchen to one that isn’t delimited by four walls but is connected to the rest of the space, which is usually the living room. Taking into account that the size of the houses is increasingly smaller, this is one of the main trends of decoration nowadays since it allows to create diaphanous and wide spaces. Of course, one kitchen open to the living room It has both advantages and disadvantages, which are worth knowing to assess whether it suits personal needs or not. Advantages of the kitchen open to the living room The creation of this type of space is an ideal solution for small…

  • Carpets for living room
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    Carpets for the living room: Which one do I choose

    Finding the ideal carpet for the decoration of the living room isn’t an easy task. In addition to adding texture and color, the right carpet should unify the general design of the living room and help define the different areas of the room. Whether it’s wool, fur, long or short hair, jute or cotton, there’s sure to be a carpet for you. The carpets are one of the key pieces in the decoration of a living room. It is the central piece where furniture is set and plays a key role in unifying the general design of the living room and helps to define the different areas of the room.…

  • The white color to paint small bedrooms
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    How to Decorate a Small Room

    Are you looking for inspiration to decorate a small room? Here are some decorating ideas to make a small bedroom look bigger than it really is. What you lack in space, you will compensate with style! We give you lots of small bedroom ideas Anyone who lives in a big city surely has to face the problem of how to decorate a small room. It may seem that the options are limited to choosing a bed and, if you’re lucky, a bedside table. Keep reading to learn how to arrange bedroom furniture in a small bedroom. To optimize the space as much as possible you can play with the choice…

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    7 ideas for a baby room in neutral tones

    A baby room in neutral tones… boring? None of that, today we show you 7 Baby room paint ideas that will inspire you. If you are looking for ideas to decorate a baby room in neutral tones, today we show you a few examples to inspire you. Because a room in neutral tones does not have to be dull or boring. And these examples show it. Don’t miss them! Neutral colors are ideal for baby room interior design, because they transmit harmony and calmness, and create a relaxed mood. In this way, we encourage the baby to rest. In addition, light tones will help you make the most of the…

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    Blue Rooms! Inspirations and Tips

    Are you looking for inspiration for rooms decorated in blue? Blue is the color of summer par excellence and evokes the sea, the sky … If you think of using this color in the decoration of your living room, you should know that it is a color that expresses calm, quiet and repose. That is why it is widely used in bedrooms and children’s rooms. Although its versatility makes it suitable for any stay at home. Blue is a primary color and therefore the palette of tonalities is almost infinite, as well as its combination options. We show you photos of blue rooms to take ideas and inspiration. Living rooms…