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    Outdoor Wedding: Decorating tips for different styles

    Getting married is one of the best moments of life. It is a moment of happiness, joy, and prosperity. And that why we want everything to be perfect on the wedding day. So if you think about ideas for outdoor weddings, we are going to give you some decoration tips for the perfect dream wedding. Tips for decorating outdoor weddings There are different themes for outdoor wedding decoration. There are rustic weddings, vintage wedding, and even beach weddings. Each of them completely different and for that reason, we are going to give some decoration tips for each of these outdoor weddings styles. Outdoor rustic wedding Lately, we see how the…

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    9 Rustic living rooms that will make you fall in love

    The rustic rooms have stolen our hearts. And it is logical, combining the warmth of the wood and the elegance of the stone, is a perfect decoration style to decorate the living room of the house. Here I show you a series of ideas, but I warn you, with these rustic-style rooms … You will want to go to live in the country! Think of the rustic decor, and the first thing that will come to mind is a beautiful and cozy wooden cabin in the Alps or an old stone and wood country house. The term “rustic” is somewhat ambiguous but simply refers to what is linked to the…

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    Ideas to decorate your bedroom with a rustic style thart gently refined. Personally, I love this style, but in its contemporary version, a modernized rustic decoration. We share photos of rustic rooms so you can take note and inspire you when adding a country touch to your bedroom. Rustic rooms with wood The wood will be our great ally. Floors, walls or ceilings lined with wood give a charmingly warm ambience. In addition, this element is very versatile and you can add it to all kinds of rustic styles. Starting with the classic rustic decoration “grandma’s house” and ending with the most modern rustic environments. Lining a wall of wood…

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    Rustic Livingrooms Inspirations

    We love the decoration of refined rustic style, that is, create environments full of natural materials, wood, stone, wrought iron, etc … but these are far from that feeling of “the house of the grandmother”. More eclectic spaces in which other trends converge, modern objects, straight lines and above all comfort and warmth, because this is the most interesting of this style, the warmth that comes from the noble materials and the comfort that the earth tones create. most used for this unique decoration.

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    Sweet, feminine, luminous, personal, delicate, romantic, vintage … With these qualifiers, who resists the shabby chic style? Discover your keys and be captivated WORN OUT FINISH Shabby chic literally means worn and sophisticated, hence the classic pieces with obvious marks of time are an icon of this style. The table, with an aged finish, is Velafusta. The dresser is an old piece painted in white by the owner of the studio Meles Must. ROMANTIC ATMOSPHERE One of the clear differences of this style with vintage is the romantic and feminine halo of the shabby chic decorations. Soft colors, floral motifs, bouquets, furniture with rounded lines … The wallpaper in this…

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    Rustic Hallway Ideas.

    Today you will discover ideas to decorate with original rustic hallway tables. Contemporary rustic homes have that vintage flavor that characterizes them, but at the same time, they are sprinkled with original elements. These hallways are a mixture of the old and the modern. The look achieved with recovered elements. They use wood, either on walls or floors or through furniture and accessories. The new rustic style is enriched by other trends. The grandmother’s hall no longer takes. Inspire yourself in these photographs to create yours. Original rustic hallway ideas A decorative wooden element is the star piece of this rustic hall. This unique complement, which could have been a…