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    10 original ways to decorate with wall shelves

    Nowadays combining decoration and functionality is almost an essential factor in most of our homes. Either for lack of space or aesthetic, decorating with wall shelves has become popular for a long time, a bet that more and more decoration addicts are opting for. But if you think you still hesitate to welcome them home, don't miss this post. It will be the little push you need!

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    Ladder As Shelves, Inspiration and Ideas

    You have already seen them in many places, we refer to using a ladder as shelves. You will know that the use of an old folding ladder as a shelf is very widespread. Or didn’t you seen them yet? If so, we tell you that it is an idea that is great in any place and that brings a lot of originality. You do not need a big budget, just dust off that forgotten stepladder you have in the storage room or in the garage. We give you the dose of inspiration you need to finish and undertake this new project. Transform an old ladder (or two) into a shelf!…