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    10 original ways to decorate with wall shelves

    Nowadays combining decoration and functionality is almost an essential factor in most of our homes. Either for lack of space or aesthetic, decorating with wall shelves has become popular for a long time, a bet that more and more decoration addicts are opting for. But if you think you still hesitate to welcome them home, don't miss this post. It will be the little push you need!

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    10 DIY ideas to decorate your home in the spring

    If you thinking about decorating your home in the spring, today we give you some DIY ideas that can help you. Do not lose sight of them! The change of season has already arrived and we are looking forward to adding spring elements to our home. Therefore, if you want to renew your home with spring details, today we tell you a few that can go very well. It’s time to forget the dark tones and turn our eyes towards the colors. It is time to include the flowers in our decoration, because nothing symbolizes the spring better than the return of color. If you are wanting as we include…

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    Covering Walls With Book Pages

    A super creative project that will completely change the style of your room: covering the wall with book pages. Sheets of old or contemporary books, novels, sheet music, recipes, or even the leaves of an atlas or a road map. Do you like the idea? Well, you will love the results, join us to know everything you can do with sheets of books. Book Pages As Wallpaper We used books to decor our walls before. Now we dress our walls with book pages. To make this decorative project you will only need white glue and stick each element next to the previous one forming an original combination. We recommend that…

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    +20 Stylish Entrances – Keys and Photos

    These stylish entrances that we share today will not leave you indifferent because each of them is special. Here when we use the word style we mean, not to a concrete decorative trend, but rather to add to your hall your personal stamp. We love the entrances that define the members of the household. You can also create your unique entry. Play with colors, these perfectly express our mood and our way of being. Pay special attention to decorative accessories, although the hall is a very small space, sure you can show off with some unique detail. Inspire yourself in our selection to project your style in the hall.  Stylish…

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    Striped Hallways. Dare To decorate with stripes?

    Today we are inspired by the stripes to decorate our hall. We select this pattern for several reasons. The first is because it never goes out of style. The stripes are timeless and will remain in your home until you get bored. Because you will not have to remove the decoration cause of they are outdated. Stripes are always fresh. The second reason is that we believe that the entrance and hallways, can look great with a striped pattern. We could not do the same with another room in the home because we could saturate the room, but the hall is an area of ​​passing. Lastly, we propose striped patterns…

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    25 Ideas for Decorating With Wallpaper

    A wall decorated with wallpaper in the living room can completely transform the space. Thanks to the large number of designs, prints and brands we can get the style that we like the most. Everything is possible! Do you already know the power of wallpaper? If not, join us to discover how to add personality to your living room with an element as simple as paper. And, incidentally, get inspired by our selection of rooms decorated with wallpaper! Living rooms decorated with wallpaper As we said at the beginning, the possibilities are unlimited. We tell you the trends that most conquer the owners in case they are of your interest.…

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    Halls With Libraries – Options and Solutions

    Today we dress our rooms with libraries. If you are a lover of reading, you will need to search your home for a place to organize, keep and always have at hand your collection of books. Have you thought about the living room? The living room can be the perfect place to install a super bookshelf and enjoy endlessly the pleasure of a good book. Even if you do not have much space, an element of smaller dimensions can be used to place your favorite books. Today we give you ideas and a lot of inspiration through our selection of photographs. We hope you find it useful. Lounges with custom…

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    31 Ideas For Room Decoration With Paper Flowers

    Today’s ideas are fantastic and can come to you on multiple occasions. Ideas to decorate with paper flowers, a simple and cheap project. You also have to your advantage that the internet is full of great tutorials about the construction of paper flowers. You will find them mostly in any blog with ideas for decorating your wedding, as decorating the rooms, tables, or photocall with this type of flowers is fashionable. Also in places dedicated to the decoration of parties in general, as they are used both for children’s birthdays and baby showers or celebrations of all kinds. We dedicate today’s article especially to decorate our homes with paper flowers.…

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    Mandalas, Inner Peace for your home

    If you are considering decorating your home with mandalas today we bring you many ideas. The Mandala has its origin in India and the translation of its name means Circle or Wheel. This graphic representation is fashionable, beyond its meaning and the mystical properties attributed to it. We share photos of decoration interiors with mandalas in all types of rooms. Inspire yourself in our selection of images. Are you already imagining a mandala in your home? Decorate with mandalas Artworks or vinyl stickers will serve to decorate the walls of any room in your home with mandalas . You will also easily find decorative accessories, furniture, textiles, etc … with…

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    Maps on the walls – 20+ Stunning ideas

    Do you like maps? In our post today we contribute ideas to decorate any space of your home with them. Living room, bedroom or even kitchen. The key is to find the perfect piece and display it in the right place. Ideas to decorate with maps An old model can look great in the living room or the entrance. It will bring a delicate vintage air to any room. I love these pieces because they confer a lot of character, they are unique details. Look at these rooms decorated with old maps. We continue with a selection of hallways: Also in the bedrooms an old map can add an eclectic…