• Vintage style walls
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    Are you a lover of vintage decoration? If so, we have many proposals to make. Ideas for the vintage style wall decor. That will come in handy to add character to a room. Do you want to know how to incorporate a vintage style to your walls? Join us to know all the decorative resources.

  • Christmas trees original modern walls
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    Original and creative Christmas trees for the walls

    Christmas is fast approaching, we are perhaps thinking of redecorating our homes or offices. So it's the perfect time to dig up those decorations for DIY inspiration and start thinking about original Christmas trees. There are some Christmas traditions that we cannot give up. One of them is decorating the Christmas tree. It is a tradition that dates back many years. In fact, as life advances with technology, many new and creative ideas emerge. Making us adapt our spaces with Christmas fashion trends.

  • how to paint walls tricks
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    How to paint walls. Tips and tricks for an original wall.

    In this article, we are going to show you how to paint the walls of your home to obtain an original result which is very different from plain colors. How to paint the walls in a different way There are a variety of painting techniques that can be used to paint walls and add surprising patterns or effects. Read on to understand how to paint the walls of your home using these easy techniques that will create the wow effect you are looking for. First Check: PANTONE COLORS THAT WILL BE TREND THIS SPRING How to paint or decorate plaster walls The plaster walls were quite common, especially at the…

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    15 Crafts to decorate walls

    I present you with more ideas to give different look to your walls. Forget about painting, I bring you some original and novel ideas to put into practice and create spaces full of personality in your home. Then a lot of crafts to decorate walls. What are you waiting for to give a new atmosphere to your house? 1. VERTICAL GARDENS The vertical gardens become a resource of great tendency and it is also an ecological and natural option. The ideal is to make them with a natural plant, but if this is not possible, they can also be made with artificial elements creating effects such as those we see…

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    Stone Walls and Decorative Ideas

    An accent wall is an element that gives your space a striking appearance: wood adds warmth and comfort, a giant wall art is a great idea for a surprise effect and, the fake stone is for a cozy rustic atmosphere. You can make your own fake stone wall at home, and modern materials and methods allow you to create the look of a traditional stone wall with a fraction of the work. Whether it’s fake or natural stone, it will add texture to your décor and make it more luxurious, you will never make a mistake with it. See some of these stone walls to get inspired and take ideas…