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    Boho chic wedding – great ideas for your big day

    The boho style wedding decoration is a high trend in this wedding season. Of course, there is no specific season for love, therefore you can say yes at any time. But it’s really fun to celebrate an outdoor wedding, that’s why most couples choose the period from May to October for their wedding ceremony. This season is also the best for a boho style wedding. A true floral frenzy, delicate lace, thread tulle, rustic romance, and natural elegance … simply boho! The hippie style is quite popular in the fashion world, interior design, and product development. Today, we have gathered many inspirational ideas for your perfect boho wedding and would…

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    Wedding Decoration Trends 2019

    Today we discover the trends of wedding decoration in 2019. So don’t miss any detail. Inspire with our simple wedding decoration ideas. It is already that time of the year when weddings occupy most of the weekends. But we’re not going to deny it, we love weddings. We love to see the decorations that are used and they are more detailed and personalized day after day. In case you are about to say yes or just want to know the 2019 wedding decoration trends, today we will tell you the latest ones. To get an original and different wedding decoration that leaves all guests with their mouths open. And for…

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    31 Ideas For Room Decoration With Paper Flowers

    Today’s ideas are fantastic and can come to you on multiple occasions. Ideas to decorate with paper flowers, a simple and cheap project. You also have to your advantage that the internet is full of great tutorials about the construction of paper flowers. You will find them mostly in any blog with ideas for decorating your wedding, as decorating the rooms, tables, or photocall with this type of flowers is fashionable. Also in places dedicated to the decoration of parties in general, as they are used both for children’s birthdays and baby showers or celebrations of all kinds. We dedicate today’s article especially to decorate our homes with paper flowers.…