23 Unique Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas (Edition 2022)

A teenage girl can be choosy and it might be difficult for you to understand their taste. Tackling their bedroom can be hectic mostly because they have transitioned from childhood to teenage. You must be keen to make their bedroom a reflection of their personal style.

Also, ensure it is chic and sophisticated. We understand this task is not easy and that’s why we have come up with the best bedroom ideas for a teenage girl. They are the best ways to usher them into the teenage and make them know you care about them. Keep on reading to know more

1. Teen Girl Room with Stylish Pink Curtains and  cool golden Lights

This bedroom for a teenage girl has been designed to perfection and it’s a description of style. You will love this room for the amazing blend of pink and white curtains that strike a balance making them perfect for the reflection of light in your teen girls’ bedroom.

Also, there is a beige side cabinet that offers storage for your teenage girl’s accessories. In addition, the floor carpet is beige and it’s the best way to make a statement in the girl’s room.

2. Fairy wall decor ideas

Everything about this room is incredible.  From the pink wall decor and the dazzling lights on the walls. There is also a pinkish round carpet that enhances the room’s warmth. The window curtains boast a cream color with brown flowers.

The designers of this teen girl’s room understood that she will need to have some study time and that’s why they included a study table at the corner. In addition, there is a flowerpot and some girlish toys in the room.

3. Extra Storage Ideas

This teen girl’s bedroom features a big bed with a medium-sized headboard, best if she isn’t into big ones. The walls have a calm yet warm cream white paint that blends well with the white bedcover. The maroon throw pillows on the bed also perfectly fit in the room’s theme.

Wallpaper doesn’t have to be childish. This teen girl room features a flowered purple and pink wall sticker adding an elegant effect. You can be sure that the girl will fall in love with these ideas.

4.Choose A Flamingo Gallery Wall For A Teenage Girl’s Bedroom

The pink wallpaper with images of flamingos is the glory behind this girl’s room. It creates a warm, energetic and vibrant vibe in the room. The window curtains and the flowered white and pink bed cover are made to match thus giving the room a stylish touch. This is an intimate and grand feminine bedroom that your teenage girl will be grateful for.

5.Cozy Study Table

This bedroom for teenage girls is a definition of glamour and class. The cozy bed is a guarantee of comfort topped up with the pink beddings. There is a fluffy mat placed at one end of the window to take away the emptiness and also a cushion on the other end.

Additionally, a study table with a beautiful flower vase is placed at the corner of the room offering a perfect space for them to do their homework.

6. Modern Bedroom With a Television

The wide windows with pink and white curtains unleash the rays of the sun in this teenage girl’s room. There are bedside drawer tables on both sides of the upholstered bed which add up as a storage space. The television is hung on the wall facing the bed and therefore your girl can watch under the warmth of her bedding.

Also, there is a grey carpet on one side of the bed which makes the room warm and complete. The two lampstands on the walls above the bed are convenient whenever she wants the lights on. She doesn’t have to go to the wall and switch them.

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7. Armchair With Cushion

Treat your teenage girl to a hotel-like bedroom whose focal point is a black and white picture frame. There is a table below the photo frame where she can place her phone and other accessories.

Also, this pink-themed room has an armchair adjacent to the window for the alone moments in her room. Although the bed is simple, its beddings are appealing to the eyes.

8. Stylish Bedroom a Blue And Beige Theme

Add glam to this light blue painted teenage girls’ bedroom with white and gold lighting hanging on the side of the bed. You will love how the black and gold stool stands beside the bed and in front of the electric sockets thus creating a perfect space to place their charging phone.

The headboard is puffed, firm, and comfortable to lay the head on while reading a novel. Also, it matches with the lower part of the bed giving a smart and grown-up look.

9. Black and Whited Themed Bedroom For A Teenage Girl

The calmness in this room is striking yet welcoming. The bed has a blend of black and white beddings with a yellow pillow to match the black headboard.

There are also two black and white hangings that break the white paint on the wall. The small golden lampshade on the wall serves both decor and lighting purposes. This bedroom is one of the gifts you can give your teenage girls.

10. Teen Girl Room With Brown Wooden Shelf

As girls get into teenage, they tend to have a need for more mature space. Most of their stuff has a slight touch of maturity and there are many making this room perfect for them. The brown wooden shelves will offer enough storage space and therefore they can keep their items in an organized way.

11. A Touch of Luxury With White Walls And Carpet

Your teens will forever fall in love with this white-only bedroom. The bed makes a statement with a piece of golden art on top and a white and black pillow against the headboard. The two white desks on both sides of the bed provide enough storage space with each having a flower vase on top.

12. A Feminine and Cozy Bedroom With Boho Charm

This white and gray bedroom for teenage girls is fun and full of color play, especially on the bed. The bed cover is a blend of green, gray, white, and yellow patterns all making the room warm. They are also a perfect way to add decor to the room. There is also a big flower vase at the corner and a white-flowered carpet on the floor that gives the room a modern touch.

13. Go for White and Pink

The girl’s room boasts a touch of elegance and a grown-up feeling thanks to the simple yet cozy bed. The fluffy pink throw pillows add more comfort when the girl is relaxing during a hot summer afternoon. The windows are wide enough to illuminate the room perfectly.

14. Pillows on The Metallic Headboard

One of the walls in this bedroom for teenage girls is decorated with a beautiful brown piece of work. The throw pillows on the bed are a blend of orange, white, and black colors. The pillows are a great addition to the color palette and are fun. The white walls perfectly match the bed and the carpet. If your girl has an eye and taste for design, this girl’s bedroom fits her well.

15. Simple yet Charming

The bedroom feels contemporary with a simple bed and a brown knitted blanket at the edge. The pink and white throw pillows create an incredible scheme under a matching bed cover. On the side is a desk where your girl can place her framed picture and other small items. The carpeting also matches the pillows and blends in well with the theme of the room. Your girl will have a reason to spend their time in this teenage girl’s bedroom.

16. Try White

The room is the incorporation of your teenage girl’s personality and style thanks to the cozy bed with pink and white throw pillows. There is a beautiful stand beside the bed with some prints of white and pink and a flower vase on top.

The red knitted blanket at the edge of the bed makes it chic and stylish without sacrificing the theme and decor of your teen girl bedroom. The floor is not left out since there is a brown mat that matches the blanket with prints.

17. Pick this Grey And White Teen Girl Room Idea

The white fur on the chair gives an inviting feeling to this teen girl’s bedroom. The chair is adjacent to the window offering a perfect view of the outside. This room has a bag of drama thanks to the grey-colored carpet with some floral patterns. Even if your girl has an ever-changing taste, this room will always be comfortable for her.

Also, there is a cohesive style because the walls and window frames are painted to match the room. Don’t forget to take note of the small white desk placed next to the headboard with a small flower vase on top.

18. Opt for White And Red Bed Linen

This teenage girl’s bedroom incorporates plenty of art that creates a gallery wall, decor, and fun. The wall hangings have a brown frame that blends well with the lower part of the bed.

Also, there is a small flower vase on the middle one that reflects well on the dressing mirror below it. The bed is comfortable and has a red and white blanket at the end to keep your girl warm. Every idea in this bedroom is born with the taste of your girl in mind.

19. Inject Drama

Your teenage girl needs some space to get creative and this bedroom offers just that. The pink chair with a pillow makes her comfortable. The table is a great piece of furniture that makes the room feel homely for your teenage girl.

It is also big enough to provide space for your girl to get creative and make any type of image for hanging on the wooden board across the chair. The pieces of furniture in this teem girls’ room create a rustic touch that any girl can’t resist. There are also some colorful flower vases.

20. Add A Teen Approved Bed To the Girls Bedroom

Some teenage girls are dramatic and this room is perfect for them. It is a confirmation that blue can also be a girl’s color. Two of the walls are painted with a deep blue color featuring some golden lampshades on them.

There is a great floor between the floor and the bed which gives a cocooning look for any bedroom ideas. The white and brown bedding is soft, giving a comfortable and welcoming mood to this girl’s bedroom.

21. Bring In Pretty Wall Paper And A Red Floral Bed In Your Teen Bedroom

This is a creative idea that makes the brown flowered wallpaper a focal point in the teen girl bedroom. The bed is covered with a red floral lined material on the sides and headboard. The beddings are white with some white and blue pillows on them. Also, there is a white table at the center of the room that sits on a white and blue flowered mat adding a modern look to the girl’s bedroom.

22. Go Natural With Wooden Bed And Some Shades of Blue And Grey

Add an elegant interest into a white bedroom with a simple yet cozy bed made of wood. The double bed is a unique piece of furniture with some shelves in between them where the teens can put their books.

Also, There is a ladder to climb on the upper bed making it safe and convenient for your teenage girl. The bed will serve best if you have two teens in your house. You will love the mix of blue and white bedding and the grey pillows that add fun. The floor is covered with white and grey patches giving your feet a soft landing.

Important Tips To Consider When Designing A Teenage Girl Bedroom

There is a lot of excitement that comes with designing a teenage girl’s bedroom. The transition from a childish lifestyle to a teenage style is mind-blowing. As much as you need to consider the taste of your girl and allow her to be part of the design, here are other factors you need to look into.

Available Space

The size of the bedroom is a key factor to consider. It will determine the furniture you bring into it and the arrangement of the teen bedroom. A big room gives you a chance to be more creative. On the other hand, if the room is small, you can go for a loft bed since you can turn its lower area into a study area while the upper serves as the sleeping area.

Use Patterns

Patterns are great aspects in designing a teen bedroom. You can use them to create accent walls in the bedroom. Alternatively, you can decorate the headboard with patterns that have the same color as your bedding. Some people use patterns that match with the carpet and all these make the teen bedroom look stylish and elegant.

Storage Areas

Teen girls usually have a difficult time organizing their rooms. You might find the clothes scattered in the rooms and it would help if you created some space for storage. You can make them easy and fun so that they may enjoy them as they organize their clothes and study items. Consider making storage spaces that suit their likes and personality.

Be Creative

Teenage girls can be choosy and difficult to please. This is why you have to be creative in capturing every aspect of the teen girls’ bedroom. You can achieve this by first considering the amount of money you wish to spend on the various designs. However, getting creative doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortune. You can still make an elegant girls bedroom on a low budget. Also, remember to ensure that the creativity corresponds with the personality of the teenage girl.

Good Furnishings.

Your choice of furniture must be of high quality. You don’t want to buy a bed that won’t serve them for long. As you pick the bed, also make sure that it is comfortable for the teen girl. In case the girl is social and friendly, consider adding some sleeping bags for her friends who might be coming for a sleepover.


The bedroom ideas shared above will help you give the best to your teenage girl. They vary in many ways and therefore you must consider the personality of your teenage girl.

 All of them have interesting items that favor the young adult in them. It would be wise if you as a parent would talk to your teenager and agree on what to include in their room. Embrace any of the ideas and they will be glad you thought about them.

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