Tiki Fire Pit: All You Need to Know

There are different types of wood  fire pits on the market but there is one pit that stands out from the rest; the tiki fire pit. This steel pit boasts of a unique design, stylish finish, modern technology and more. To enjoy the night in the outdoor, it’s important to stay warm. A versatile pit should do more than just keep you warm. It should be fuel efficient and allow you to roast marshmallows and more. If you are looking for the right pit for your patio, here is why the Tiki will be a great addition to your home.

Tiki brand fire pit

First, before getting into the review, let’s look at the product specifications

Size: 24.75 L x 24.75 W x 18.75 H inches

Weight: 45 pounds

Color: Black

Package includes: 1 fire pit, 1 fire pit cover, 1 wood pack

Why should you trust the Tiki Brand?

Whenever I’m shopping for a new backyard product I not only look at details provided but also do a little research on the company. What I find out about the brand plays a role in my final decision. Here is what I found about Tiki Brand.

Started over 60 years ago, Tiki has lit lawns across the country through their durable and stylish torches. The company expanded their line to include candles and other outdoor lighting accessories. The first of its kind, the Tiki round fire pit is an innovative pit backed by 60 years of experience. In simple terms, you can trust what this brand builds. Their products are popular and high quality. If you are ready to transform your yard, here is more about the Tiki pit.

Best Features of the unit


One of the most important features to consider when choosing a fire pit is the frame construction and materials used. Most traditional wood fire pits are made of iron and while there is nothing wrong with the material per se … most of these fire pits use lots of wood (pellets or logs) and are not eye-catching.

Now, where most brands have failed, Tiki has proved itself to be an industry leader. This Tiki brand fire pit is made of 16 gauge steel. And, not your typical type of steel but stainless steel. The material is known for its strength and durability. The frame is powder coated with scratch resistant and rust resistant paint so you don’t have to worry about rusting or chipping.

The black finish helps the tiki fire pit blend in with the background. No one likes a centerpiece that doesn’t go well with the other furniture. Another reason why this fire pit stands out is its wide base and strong legs. One of the benefits of a round fire pit is though they have wide bases they are still considerably smaller compared to say rectangular fire pits. The Tiki brand fire pit will take up little space in your patio or garden. The base is strong to keep the pit from tipping over and the legs help keep the pit off the ground but if you are going to use the tiki fire pit on a wooden deck, we recommend you get a mat.

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Combustion system

One of the reasons why most people shy from firewood pits is the time it takes to light the pit and the smoke aftermath. The smell of smoke on your hair and clothes after an evening in the outdoor is not appealing. The Tiki is designed with this in mind.

First, this pit uses logs like traditional fire pits. And, thankfully, lighting it is quite easy. As stated above, your package will include a wood pack. All you have to do is set it at the bottom of the bowl, arrange the firewood and use only one match to light the tiki brand fire pit. The pellets catch fire fast, helping the wood light-fast. In five minutes, you’ll have your fire going and in about 10 minutes, your patio will be warm enough to hang out.

What ensures the pit lights faster compared to other options is the unique airflow system. This patent-pending technology works by ensuring there is proper airflow in the fire pit which ensures wood or pellets are burnt completely. This airflow system also ensures there is no smoke and if by chance there is a little smoke, it is pushed down and out through the bottom vents. with the airflow low smoke system, you don’t have to worry about having to shower or doing laundry after enjoying your time outdoors.

How about the flame quality? Thankfully, the tiki fire pit does not sacrifice on the fire quality. There are two materials you can use to kindle the fire on the tiki. One, the normal wood logs. The pit’s 16 inch depth allows you to arrange the logs per your liking. Two, and the best option, by getting the Tiki Brand wood pellets. The pellets come in wood packs and one pack provides heat for up to 30 minutes. The 25-inch diameter mouth is large enough to keep several people warm and because of its airflow low smoke system, you can be assured everything in the pit will burn and give you the heat you need.

Here is quick look at the Tiki Brand wood pack

Some brands manufacture wood packs and the Tiki brand is no exception. Their wood packs are made from sawdust. The dust is then made into pellets so they can fit in the fire pit perfectly.  Tiki brand claims one wood pack lasts for approximately 30 minutes which is more than most brands offer. So, if you want to start a fire hassle free, we recommend you get a wood pack that’ll keep the fire burning.

How to clean up the Tiki

Hate to battle with ash after an evening in your patio? There are two ways you can clean ash from your fire pit. One through an ash vacuum cleaner or two through the less messier way; by using a tiki fire pit. To ensure there is a less mess to deal with, this pit not only produces less smoke but also burns the wood completely and produces less smoke. Here are the steps you’ll use to clean the Tiki pit.

  • Wait for the fire pit to cool down
  • Remove the center part (cone) of the tiki
  • Using a soft brush, sweep the ash through the vents at the bottom
  • Using the built-in handle, pull out the removable ash tray and dispose off the ash
  • Because wood burns completely and its innovative design, there’ll be less ash to deal with

Safety Measures to observe

Here are some important instructions from the manufacturer to help you use the tiki fire pit safely at home.

  • Do not use the pit around combustible materials such as wood decks or dry bushes
  • Do not use it on a pergola or patio with roof
  • Keep the pit away from buildings

Pros and Cons

To summarize this article, here is what we’ve found about the Tiki fire pit

  • This round fire pit is stylish and features black finish that blends with the surroundings
  • The Tiki brand fire pit comes with a wood pack bag that helps you get the fire going in under 5 minutes
  • Its internal airflow tech ensures the wood burns completely with low smoke. If you hate that revolting smoke smell on your clothes and hair, this pit is for you.
  • Uses less wood compared to most wood pits
  • Wide mouth ensures several people stay warm and enough space for grilling s’mores, marshmallows and more
  • Because of its versatility, the Tiki bowl fire pit produces less ash and has a built in ash pan to help you with the cleaning
  • This fire pit provides a safe and warm space to enjoy with friends
  • Affordable compared to propane pits
  • The pit weighs about 45 pounds which is heavy to move around
  • The sides get pretty hot when the fire is burning. Ensure kids don’t play around the tiki

Final thoughts

Want to enjoy your outdoor with friends? This pit by Tiki is one of the best smokeless fire pit on the market. The Tiki is made of stainless steel which is stable. It’s built of durable material with a rust resistant black finish. It has a wide mouth to keep everyone warm. Also, its unique built ensures it has low smoke emission and less ash. So, less mess to deal with. It also has an ash pan for easy clean up. This pit is affordable and comes with a free  wood pack bag, you can light up the fire in minutes.

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