23 Types of Rooms in a House (Farmhouse)

Farmhouses have different rooms. And, the number and types of rooms in a country-style home depends on the size of the house. This is because bigger houses have more room for additional rooms than smaller houses.

The Farmhouse rooms are also determined by size because a smaller house doesn’t provide the luxury of having rooms that are not used frequently.

In this article, we compiled different types of rooms that can help you get inspiration when buying your new home. You might also gain some tricks on how to design different types of rooms in your house.

Room types ideas for your home

1. Farmhouse Living room

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All homes have living rooms. Some homes don’t have a dining room and thus the living room absorbs the functions of a dining room.

Serving as the reception in our homes, people usually gather in this room for meetings, and sometimes they serve as an entertainment area for guests and family members.

If there’s any room that people pay most attention to when it comes to interior decor is the living room because it speaks volumes about the home.

You will find sofas in the sitting room, a coffee table, a TV, cabinets, and shelves. Some people don’t have TVs in living rooms, especially if there are TVs in other rooms like bedrooms.

A living room may serve as a family room and a parlor and therefore it must look and feel homely.

2. Farmhouse Kitchens

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The farm kitchen is the most important room in the house because that’s where we prepare our meals. This room also gathers family members just like the living room, especially during breakfasts.

Most kitchens sit at the back of the house and it’s the first room you enter after coming in from the foyer. The kitchen faces the backyard, but not all homes have a backyard.

Typically, kitchens have sink (s) built into the counters with a dishwasher and oven concealed somewhere in the kitchen space.

The cabinets are used to store kitchen essentials like dishes. Spacious kitchens have a kitchen island which serves as the eating area, chopping space, or maximizes storage.

3. Farmhouse Dining Room

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Farmhouse Dining rooms are the rooms where families gather for dinners daily or weekends. In most cases, dining rooms are used for large formal family meetings.

Dining rooms are some of the biggest rooms in a home and they sit between the kitchen and the living room.

In the dining room, you’ll find a large long table with several chairs, a chandelier above the dining table, and liquor cabinets made of glass.

The dining room can cost a lot of money to decorate because customizing the chairs and furniture costs a lot of money.

4. Master Bedroom in Farmhouse

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The farmhouse master bedroom is an important room in the house because that’s where the home sleeps. The master bedroom is the biggest bedroom in a house, but it isn’t so different from other rooms.

The size of the master bedroom is also determined by the size of the house, but it should be big enough to accommodate a queen sized bed and other bedroom essentials like the wardrobe.

A master bedroom has to be stylish and cozy and should have a private bathroom. In some master suits, you can find more items like a table, vanity table, books, alarm and bedside lamps.

Some large farmhouses have a master bedroom with a walk-in closet.

5. Kids Bedroom

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Kids’ bedrooms are usually smaller than the master bedrooms. However, sometimes they are larger, especially when used as a nursery and a kids’ bedroom at the same time.

Unlike adult bedrooms, kids’ farmhouse bedrooms seem to have lots of stuff because babies spend most of their time in their bedrooms.

In a rustic kid’s bedroom, you will need a desk, chair, bookshelf, a gaming console, a bed and wardrobes. If you don’t like your kids having unsupervised entertainment, then you can leave it out.

6. Guest Bedroom/ Spare Bedroom

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The owner of the farmhouse occupies the master bedroom, the kids occupy the kids’ room, and there might be other members of the family who occupy one or two other bedrooms. If there is any bedroom left without an occupant, then it becomes a spare room or guest bedroom.

A guest room doesn’t contain lots of furniture. In most homes, the guest room has lots of sparse space. The room just contains a bed and basic things that a guest may need, unlike family rooms.

Family members rarely go into the guest room unless cleaning and that is why people pay little attention in decorating this space.

However, you can break the norm and add some non offensive decorations to spruce up the room.

Not every house has a guest room. Smaller houses don’t have one and thus any rooms are used in place of the guest room.

7. Farmhouse Nursery

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Are you expecting a new baby soon? Then you need to set up a nursery if you don’t have one yet. A country-style nursery differs from a kids’ room and thus the furniture and amenities are slightly different too.

While a kids’ bedroom has a bed, you will need to purchase a crib, chest of drawers, a changing station and lots of baby stuff.

If you want your nursery to look exceptional, you can add some things like a rocking chair, decorations and a good night light.

Paint the walls and decorate them to add some kiddish style or touch. You can also add some whimsical elements to spruce up your newborn’s space.

Nurseries need uncompromising air quality and, for that reason, you might need to get a dehumidifier, heater, and an air purifier. Another important item you need is a baby monitor.

8. Farmhouse Bathroom

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All houses have a farmhouse bathroom or bathrooms. This is the room where people take their baths and go for short and long calls.

Bathrooms have a sink, shower and a toilet and some have a bathtub. Apart from the essential amenities, bathrooms have shelves/cabinets that are used to store medicines and cosmetic items. Check some farmhouse bathroom decor ideas here.

9. Farmhouse Laundry Room/ Utility Room

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Farmhouse Laundry rooms are the most boring rooms in most houses because nothing much happens here apart from laundry, ironing and folding of clothes.

In laundry rooms, you will find a washing machine, ironing board, ironing box and a dryer. You don’t need any interior design in your laundry room because it’s just meant for laundry.

10. Game Rooms

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Game rooms can be something like a playroom, but it is more of an aged-up room. They are also known as recreation rooms and homes with teenagers have a game room.

You can do anything in a game room, from old school games to modern games like video games.

There are not many furnishings in a game room but bean bags, a game console as a centerpiece, snack tables, a TV, Xbox, and a play station and you get a superb shabby chic game room.

11. Home Theater

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Do you want to create a movie-watching experience like that of a theater? A home theater offers a wonderful movie-watching experience better than what you get at the theaters.

A home theater sometimes has similar amenities like those of a game room except play stations and sofas.

You will need a comfy sofa in your home theater if you want to set up one and, of course, one or two snack tables and an armchair.

For an even better experience, you can use a projector. Point your projector at one of your dark walls and enjoy your favorite movies at the comfort of your home.

12. Farmhouse Family Room

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Farmhouse Family rooms are informal living rooms in a house and they are only found in big houses. Also known as a den, a family room is smaller than the living room. A family room can be in the basement or the second floor.

For the farmhouse decor of a family room, you’ll find a mismatch of different things because the knickknacks are usually collected by the family members.

13. Storage Room

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A storage room is an extra room that is used to collect several items that have no use at the moment. Storage rooms, in most cases, aren’t planned for. Big homes have lots of extra rooms, so one is turned into a storage room.

Also known as a linen closet, a storage room can come naturally after the kids move out after joining college.

Sometimes you might feel you don’t need a storage room, you can turn the space into a hobby room.

14. Farmhouse Office

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A farm office isn’t only meant for freelancers. Long time ago, before people started freelancing, homes had home offices which were mainly used to store important business documents like account ledgers, among other things.

As the days go by, home offices are not as useful for people who don’t work from home, but those who are freelancers still need these types of rooms under their roofs.

The interior decor of the home office is basically conservative and most tend to have brown, white or navy furnishings.

In a home office, you will find a chair, soft light, desk, and a few farm indoor plants. The type of accessories found in an office depends on the kind of work one does in a home office.

15. Home Gym

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Home gyms are type of rooms in a house that are meant for work outs. Some houses have these designated rooms, while some don’t.  Most people think it costs a fortune to have a home gym.

However, you don’t need machinery to have a space that can help you burn the calories. A yoga mat, some weights and skipping ropes are perfect for a small home gym.

16. Attic

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An attic is also known as a loft or garret and is usually the topmost room in a house. The attic is just below the rooftop and sometimes is unfinished and used as a storage room.

A farm attic is just a small room that can accommodate a few items that are not used actively.

A finished attic can be used as an additional guest room where guests spend their nights, especially when the house is already filled with many guests.

17. Farmhouse Basement

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Any room under the house or underground is called a farmhouse basement. Basements are usually unfinished and are less used. Most people abandon basements for years until they decide what to do with the room.

19. Rustic Garage

home garage

A garage is a room for cars. Sometimes, people use the garage for different purposes, like a gym or a music room.

20. Playroom

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A play room is a fun addition to your house/home. These rooms are unnecessary or must-haves.

If you have a spare room and you don’t like a lot of toys in your kids’ room, then you can turn the spare room into a playroom.

You can bring in a T.V in the playroom and all of their toys like musical instruments, dolls, and LEGO bricks.

One thing you need to remember when setting up their movie theater, choose movies and shows that are child-friendly.

21. Sunroom


A Conservatory is also known as the sunroom. The room has a glass roof and glass walls and is attached to one side of the house. It’s a pleasant spot to sit outside while still indoors.

22. Farmhouse Mudroom

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Farmhouse Mudrooms are rooms where people remove their shoes and jackets before getting into the house. It is a small room between the outside and the inside of a house and is also known as an entryway.

23. Panic Room

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You might not have heard of a panic room or come across one before. Panic rooms are rare and few homes have one.

A panic room is a secret room where the family members hide if someone breaks into the house. These rooms are a safe place in case of terrorist attacks or extreme weather. 

24. Farmhouse Closet

walk-in closet
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We love to believe that a farmhouse walk-in closet is a room on its own. However, closets are ordinarily small, just like cupboards, but walk-in closets are bigger.

Not all walk-in closets are big, but there are big houses that can accommodate a walk-in closet as big as one bedroom.

Farmhouse Walk-in closets allow you to spot your favorite outfit easily because you hang most of your outfits.

Are all rooms mentioned essential for smooth running of your home?

We have covered many farmhouse rooms in a house that can be found in some homes, but not all of them are important.

Something you can do without is not essential. There are rooms in a house that are must-haves for a smooth running of a house.

All you need is a living room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. There are people who live comfortably in a studio apartment with just a bathroom walled-off, but others are combined in a single space.

If you have a big house, you can have as many rooms as you want, but you don’t have to break a bank to have all the rooms included in this article.

You can just have the essential rooms that you need for the smooth running of your home and the ones that your family will be comfortable in.

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