luxury walk in tub shower combo

Looking for a Luxury Walk in Tub Shower Combo?

Luxury walk in tub shower combo are a great option for people who need help from a caregiver when bathing or need to support themself when getting into and out of the bath.

A walk in bathtub can be installed in any bathroom and is much easier to use than a typical bathtub.

These tubs can also be much safer than a standard tub since they require less bending, and the person bathing doesn’t have to step over the side of it.

The installation process can take some time, so it’s best if you start early on. So, who is this type of shower tub ideal for?

  • Seniors: As we grow older, using the regular tub may become somewhat challenging due to either bad knees or back. A luxury walk in tub ensures the safety of your elderly loved one as they step in and out of the shower. Also, these tubs offer more luxury features compared to traditional tubs.
  • The disabled: According to ADA there are a set of guidelines the manufacturers have to follow when constructing walk in tubs for persons with disability. A good tub ensures your love is able to get on and off the tub with ease.
  • Home value: Lastly, for homeowners in areas where the population consists mostly of seniors, it would be wise to add this type of tub to your home. It’ll help up the value of your home, making it more marketable to this population.

Best Walk-in Tub Shower Combination

With over a dozen tub manufacturers on the market, choosing the best walk in bath tub can be challenging. But, we’ve got your back.

We’ll explore 6 different tubs, their pros and cons, plus what to look at when choosing a tub. If you are looking for the best luxury walk in tub and shower combo for your loved one, read on.

1. Anzzi Walk in Shower Tub Combo

Made of acrylic and boasting of a beautiful design, this shower tub has numerous features that’ll ensure you have a spa-like experience when using it. So, what distinguishes it from other walk in tubs on this list?

One, the material used for construction. Featuring a sturdy steel support frame, an acrylic body reinforced with fiberglass, this luxurious tub is ideal for bathers of all sizes. Chrome polished accessories make it more appealing to the eye.

Two, its features. What you’ll get includes 18 air jets and 12 adjustable hydro-therapeutic massage jets that offer you a soothing massage.

It also comes with a digital control tub that makes it easy to control the inline heater and the massage jets. Other controls included are a hot/cold water mixer, jet intensity valve and rapit tub filler.

You’ll also get a handheld shower system with a 60 inch hose which makes it easy to use. For safety, you get a head rest and safety hold bars.

Another feature that I love is its colored lights, (violet, red, blue, white and green), they help create a relaxing mood. Door and drain are found on the right side of this walk in tub shower. This unit is ADA approved and the perfect soak unit for a modern home.

2. Empava Shower Combo Walk in Tub with Shower Enclosure for Seniors

Boasting of a glossy finish and a 94 gallon capacity, this freestanding walk in tub is perfect for anyone on a budget and with a small bathroom. Measuring 52.5 by 26.5 by 40 inches, this rectangular walk in tub shower combination is made of durable white acrylic material.

What sets it apart from the other walk in tubs on this list is its low step-in threshold. Less than 4 inches, the ultra low threshold makes it easy to step in and out of the tub especially for seniors.

Now, about its features, we noted that this freestanding does not have luxury features like the Anzzi walk in tub above. However, the features it offers are ideal for the minimalist at heart. You’ll get three built-in handrails that you can use to step in and out of the bath.

A seat has been included in its design so even wheelchair users can bathe in comfort. Another feature we love is its wider door, it boasts of a 20 percent wider door compared to other bath tubs within its price range. Chrome knobs make it easy to control water output and more. If you need a cost friendly, small walk in bathtub showers, you can’t go wrong with this pick.

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3. Kohler Walk in Tub with Shower Combo

The first Kohler shower tub was built over 140 years ago. Over the years, this top-rated brand has designed and produced some of the best walk in bathtubs on the market. For this review, we explore the features of their latest tub.

The Kohler luxury walk in tub promises luxurious features and a lifetime of spa-like experience. What makes it stand out from other luxurious bathing tubs on this list?

One, it offers one of the lowest walk through doors. At three inches low, the elderly and people with disabilities can step in and out of the shower with ease.

Its floor is slip resistant, ensuring your loved one is safe when stepping in and out of the shower. And like our first pick it features a Bubblemassage and whirlpool jet system that will help relax tense muscles on your back, feet and legs.

Another feature we love is its handheld shower that allows you to clean those hard-to-reach areas with ease. The showerhead comes with a retractable hose and is lightweight so anyone can use it comfortably. It offers three different sprays ideal for different bathing skins and are ideal for even people with sensitive skin.

And for ultra comfort, this Kohler shower tub comes with a seat and a heated backrest. The heating plus the massage system is what you need to enjoy your evening. For safety, this Kohler tub grabs bars and handrail on its rims.

If you need a high-end unit that offers hydro-therapy and heating, this walk in tub is the best choice. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

4. Ella Two-Person Luxury Walk in Jacuzzi tub shower combo

Want to enjoy the evening with your loved one? Ella is a trusted brand that designs some of the best walk in tubs on the market. Their two person companion tub is the perfect choice for anyone with enough space for a large walk in tub. Measuring 30 by 60 by 38, this Ella luxury walk-in tub shower combo is on the larger side.

First, for user safety, this ultra modern tub is built using stainless steel (frame) and high quality acrylic material for the walls. The glossy finish is scratch resistant and easy to clean. Also, this two person shower and tub combo a low step threshold, a textured floor and sturdy chrome bars.

Its door is made of steel with tempered glass to ensure its shatterproof. Second, for ultimate comfort, this tub features two seats with removable backrests. Its unique air therapy system and microbubble therapy system will help exfoliate the skin.

An 18-jet hydrotherapy system offers a soothing massage as you soak. Other benefits of using this two person bathtub include the chrome faucet that helps fill the tub quickly, an ergonomic shower handle, and dual drain system that ensures the tub empties quickly. Want to experience good memories with your partner? This Ella tub is the perfect place to relax over a glass of wine.

5. Empava Bathroom Tub

Described as some of the best walk-in bath tubs, Empava bathroom tubs are designed to offer a comfortable and safe bathing space for seniors and people with disabilities. With a slip resistant floor, and built-in handles, you are assured of your safety when walking through the wide door.

Speaking of the door, unlike the high-end walk in tubs on this list, this Empava unit comes with an acrylic door that closes easily and keeps water from spilling. To help you wind down, this small walk-in tub features a built-in seat, an easy-to-reach ergonomically designed handheld shower, and beautiful chrome knobs that make it easy to control the flow of water, heat and more.

It’s worth noting this Empava walk in tub does not come with the high end features other whirlpool tubs offer. So, no heat, headrest, or massage system. But, its small in size, making it perfect for smaller bathrooms.

6. Mecor Walk in Bathtubs with Shower

On a budget? You can still create a spa in your bathroom with this Mecor bathtub. Ideal for long/rectangular bathrooms, this bathtub provides enough space to soak your body while adding style to the room.

So what does the Mecor shower tub combo offer? One, you’ll enjoy its high-quality build; steel frame and acrylic gel coated walls, grab bars for safety. Its chrome plated faucet and drain ensures water fills and drains quickly.

For extra comfort, this tub and walk-in shower combo has an 8-jet massage system that targets different muscles. An average adult bather can use this tub comfortably. The Mecor comes with different warranties and will be a great addition to your home.

7. American Standard Walk in Shower Baths

If you are looking for the best walk in sunken tub shower combo, you can go wrong with this unit from American Standard. Not only does it have a full-sized door that keeps water from spilling, it comes with a grab bar to help you walk in and out of the tub seamlessly.

Also, this shower tub has an air spa system that delivers a relaxing air massage to gently relax your muscles. Other features I really love include the 13 jets with an inline heater, the headrest, and seat. If you are looking for a low profile walk in shower and tub combo, this unit is the perfect size for your home.

8. Energy Walk in Jetted Shower Tub Combo

With a gel-coat glossy finish and an 85 gallon capacity, the Energy walk-in tub is perfect for seniors. Why should you consider this model? Apart from its beautiful exterior, this energy tub offers a slip resistant floor and spacious seat so you can bathe in comfort.

Also for safety, this modern tub features leak resistant side drain and built-in handlebars. Its massage features include adjustable hydro jets, 20 air jets, a hydro and air massage system that transforms your bathroom to a spa. This Ada compliant jetted walk in tub requires installation and you can have professionals do it for you. Freestanding design is perfect for different types of bathrooms.

Features to look for when choosing the best  Walk in Bath Shower Combination

Notice that though most of the walk in tubs on this list share a similar shape, they have different features. And if you are having a hard time narrowing down the list to one tub, read on. Below we’ll explore key features you should be on the lookout for when choosing the best walk in tubs with shower.


Depending on your needs, there are two types of bathtubs to choose from:

One person: As the name suggests, this type of walk in shower can be used by one person at a time. Most are smaller compared to the other type discussed below. With this type you can sit and relax your legs for a full massage. 

Two person: Designed to fit two adults, these walk in tubs are larger and require more space. Some options come with two seats, allowing you and your companion to have a spa like experience over a glass of wine.

We recommend you choose what will suit your bathing needs. If you have a companion at home who you enjoy spending time with, we recommend a 2 person dual bathroom tub like the Ella option on this list.


After considering the type, next you’ll need to figure out a size that is suitable for your home. Ensure to measure the space where you want to install the tub. Then, check the measurements indicated by the manufacturer.


inward and outward swinging door: Walk in tubs have one of the two types of doors. So how do you know which is ideal for your space? For a big bathroom we recommend a tub with an outdoor swinging door. Also, it’s easier to get into this type of tub.

An inward tub is perfect for smaller bathrooms. Another benefit of this type is there is less likelihood of leakage.

Another thing to check when looking at your tub’s door is the material used in construction. You can opt for one made of acrylic material to match the rest of the tub or go for a tub with a tempered glass door with steel frame.

If you are choosing a tub for a person with disabilities, we recommend you go for a unit with a door that swings outwards with a low threshold.

Threshold height: A tub’s threshold is the part between the bottom and where you step over when entering or exiting your unit. Tubs have different threshold heights. Check the indicated height to choose what’s ideal for your home.


There are three types of materials used in construction of modern walk in tubs; acrylic,enameled steel, and fiberglass. Most interior designers recommend acrylic tubs. These are not only beautiful but are durable compared to tubs made of other materials. Also, check that the accessories are made of rust resistant material.


To ensure the safety of the bather, here are some common features you should be on the look for.

Floor: Bathroom accidents can be fatal. And, to ensure your safety or that of your loved one, go for a unit with a textured floor so that your feet have a firm grip on the surface.

Seat or no seat: If you want to lay down on your tub, opt for one without a seat. But, for anyone in a wheelchair, we recommend you go for a walk through the tub with a seat.

No. of handlebars: How many handlebars do you need? For a wheelchair bound person, you will need a shower tub with three handles for stability. A unit with built in one handle is ideal for someone with few mobility issues.

Luxury Features

Massage system: Tubs with massage systems are gaining notoriety and here is why. A bath tub can be used for bathing and as a jacuzzi. Most walk in tubs offer both air massage therapy and hydrotherapy. What is the difference?

Air massage: A tub that offers this luxury feature is fitted with air jets. The jets are designed to release tiny bubbles throughout the bathtub. These bubbles will envelope your body, giving you a gentle massage and help release tension.

Hydrotherapy: Whirlpool tubs offer hydrotherapy. This unique feature helps move the water in the tub in a fast motion that help soothe and massage your body. Go for an option that allows you to control the speed with ease.

Headrest: Do you need a headrest? Well this depends on the time you spend in the shower. If you enjoy reading or a glass of wine as you get a good massage, go for a quality option with a headrest.

Drain System

The walk in shower system is designed so that the user gets in first before turning on the water. Traditional tubs take too long to fill. And, if you want to have a great bathing experience, go for a tub with fast filling faucets. Also ensure the drain system, whether on the right or left, drains fast.

Brands and Warranty

Lastly, ensure you choose your tub from a renowned brand such as Kohler and Empava. Also check on the warranty and make sure you get a good bargain.

Benefits of Luxury walk in bathtub

  • Safety: A good tub comes with various safety features which include a textured floor, multiple handles, a seat, and strong frame.
  • Comfort: Apart from the seat, some tubs come with massage system that offer a customized experience.
  • Helps soothe body and elevate mood


  • Costs more that the traditional shower tub
  • You’ll have to wait for water to fill and drain before stepping in and out of the tub


1. How much is a walk-in tub shower combo?

On average, a walk in tub will cost anywhere from $2000 – $3500. With luxurious features such as air jets, a tub shower can cost up to $10000

2. Can you have a walk-in tub shower combo

Yes there are a few brands, such as Kohler, that have designed walk in shower tubs combo.

3 . Are walk-in baths any good?

A walk in tub is the perfect addition to your home if you have a loved one with special needs. Most tubs come with a seat and handle for extra security. Also, a good tub will add value to your house.

Most tubs require professional installation which can set you back up to $2000. Also, you’ll also have to get into the tub before filling the tub and wait for it to empty before stepping out.

4. What are the cons of a walk in tub?

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